The Day of the Mismatched Earrings

Today I realized I wore two different earrings to school.  
At least it was during 1st period and not later in the day! 

Here's what happened:  
I was dressed and ready for school, wearing a dress and sandals when I saw on the news that the high today was going to be 63 degrees.  With that news, I decided to change into pants.  It was right before I had to leave for work, so I changed clothes quickly and then changed jewelry.  I first grabbed a necklace from my nifty necklace holder (created by my sister).

Then I grabbed some earrings. 

I thought I grabbed two of the SAME earrings, but obviously I did not . . . 


Anonymous said…
Yeah! At least you're not loosing yours. I have one earing for every pair I've ever owned!


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