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"Quarterly" Book Report #2

Okay, so I’m not doing this quarterly, I’m pretty much doing it whenever I want, but I can’t think of a better title.JI have to do it more often than every 3 months, otherwise I will forget about what I have read!
Everything I’ve read in the past few months has been within the genre of Young Adult Lit except for Water for Elephants.And most of the books were historical fiction. Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen – This was a great book!There were a couple of scenes that were shockingly explicit and not vital to the plot that I could have done without, but both the story and the storytelling was phenomenal.I highly recommend this book to adult readers (not my high school students)!
Hunger, Lies, and Plague by Michael Grant – Books 2, 3, and 4 from the Gone series.Hunger was an excellent sequel to Gone, and Lies was pretty good.Plague was without a doubt the best one since Gone.These YA books blend science fiction and reality well into a story that continues to build with each book.I think …

You know you are in your 3rd trimester when. . .

You drop something on the floor and take some serious time thinking about whether it is worth picking up.  You understand that you can have a full esophagus and an empty stomach at the same time. You realize that your current nighttime bathroom visits will roughly coordinate with future nighttime baby feedings.  You realize you have left behind the "cute" stage of pregnancy.  You seriously consider moving into the bathroom just to save the constant trips . . . complete with pillow, sleeping bag, snacks, TV, laptop, books, and anything else important to survival.  You long for a catheter. You eat Tums like candy. People continually tell you that you look like you are about to  "pop" - as if you were a giant zit. When hearing your due date, people respond by saying, "You're not going to make it!" You stop wearing shoes that tie because you can't reach them. You actually read the "Labor and Delivery" chapters in pregnancy books. Your cute l…

WIWW - 36 weeks!!!

Well, the end is in sight!!!  I'm 36 weeks and in less than a month this pregnancy will be over and a little baby will be here!!!  These pictures are from the last two weeks, at this point I have no idea what day I wore what.  I guess it doesn't matter much.

All of my pants were starting to get a little tight, plus, I really didn't have a pair of khakis to wear, so while we were in Florida for Spring Break, I found these great linen pants at Motherhood Maternity.  They are SO comfortable!!!!  After hemming them about 5 inches I was able to wear them!  And I wear them a LOT!  :)
For more pictures of the nursery, read this post.  :)

Well, this might be the last week I do What I Wore Wednesday for a while.  It's been a while because I haven't had the energy to take pictures and keep up with it, and now that the countdown is on, I just don't feel that creative in my clothing, so I'm pretty much wearing the same thing over and over!  
But keep checking back!  I'…

Friends versus Acquaintances

What’s the difference?In my mind, there is often no difference.I want to consider my acquaintances to be my friends.Why is that?One of the most difficult things to adjust to when it comes to being an adult is the decrease in the number of friends.At least that has been my experience.There seems to be a bigger divide between friends and acquaintances.As a teenager, and even as a young adult, all of the people who make up your social circle are considered to be friends.You have time to spend with them and it seems to be easier to find things in common with people.
As a married adult, your deepest friendship is with your spouse – which is great, but it does decrease the time you have to devote to developing other friendships.If you are very lucky, you find other couples that you both get along with and with whom you can develop a deeper friendship.That doesn’t often happen though.
I have some really deep long-term friendships that are awesome, but many of my real friends do not live close …


After a ton of work done by my awesome husband, Carlos, the nursery is complete.  
Here is what it looked like before it was a nursery:   This was my office/nap room/scrapbook room.  :)
Then the real work began.   Our house was built in the early 60s and it doesn't have insulation, so that was our first priority.   Which meant that everything had to be demo-ed and rebuilt.   Carlos did ALL the work by himself!
Primed (and new windows!):
And the entire view: 
Now all we need is a baby!  :)

Holy Week

So it's the beginning of Holy Week, and I have to admit - I don't feel all that "holy."  I feel very distracted . . . the entire Lenten season has pretty much passed by without much notice from me this year.

There are several reasons for this.  #1 -- We have been so focused on getting the nursery completed before the baby comes that all of our energy and time has gone there.  #2 -- I wasn't proactive in giving anything up for Lent or doing anything in particular to celebrate the season.  #3 -- Pregnancy in general is a distraction from most other things (in my experience).

I'm thinking it would be nice to be at this stage of pregnancy around Christmas.  I think instead of distracting me from the holiness of the holiday, it would draw me closer to the story of the Nativity and Incarnation.  I don't know - maybe I'm just making excuses.  I didn't feel any closer to God this past Christmas when I was pregnant.

I really don't have much else to …

The Day of the Mismatched Earrings

Today I realized I wore two different earrings to school.   At least it was during 1st period and not later in the day! 

Here's what happened:   I was dressed and ready for school, wearing a dress and sandals when I saw on the news that the high today was going to be 63 degrees.  With that news, I decided to change into pants.  It was right before I had to leave for work, so I changed clothes quickly and then changed jewelry.  I first grabbed a necklace from my nifty necklace holder (created by my sister).

Then I grabbed some earrings. 

I thought I grabbed two of the SAME earrings, but obviously I did not . . .