WIWW - 3rd trimester begins!

28 weeks - finally!  :)  We had an abbreviated Winter Break last week, and we spent most of the weekend working on the nursery (see Chaotic Progress and One Wall Down (literally!) for more information on the renovation.

So, I don't have too many pics, but here's what I have . . . it's finally warmer so I'm excited to finally not have to wear winter clothes!!!

Thursday was the only day we went anywhere besides Home Depot or Lowes.  We went with a friend to Lane Southern Orchards in Fort Valley, GA.  If you are ever traveling I-75 through middle GA, it is definitely worth the stop!  Great produce, great food, and GREAT peach cobbler and peach ice cream!

My pics from this week were mostly blurry - I only got one really good one, and it is a good example because it is the first time I've worn this dress:

My mom bought this dress for me in the fall when I first was pregnant.  I really like it now that I'm big enough for it and it's warm enough to wear it!  We got it at JCPenney's in their (very) small maternity section.  


Katie said…
Congrats on the 3rd tri!! Love that dress.
Michele said…
Gosh...3rd trimester! I remember when you first posted about your pregnancy. I can't believe you are so close. You look stunning and have the pregnancy glow!

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