Status Quo

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Status Quo as “the existing state of affairs.”  It is usually spoken with a negative connotation, as in someone who is unwilling to change with the times or move forward when it is obvious a change is needed. 

However, I am beginning to see the value in the status quo.  I have always been one who has sought change.  I have lived and worked in four different states in the 11 years since I graduated college.  I am always looking for new challenges and new ideas.  One of my flaws would be that I jump into change (even if it is a good change) without truly thinking through the decision or consequences. 

At work, I always come up with some “great new idea” that usually only means more work for me, and it doesn’t always end with the intended benefit.  New programs, new curriculum, new classes, new projects.  This year I am going to strive to accept the status quo. . . even if a change is needed.  At least for a little while until I have time to truly think through the change completely. 

I am wanting to change jobs, which I guess doesn’t really fit in with the whole idea of staying with the status quo, but I have had my Media certification for almost four years now and I would like to put it to good use as a school media specialist.  However, I’m thinking if I do land in a new place, I need to accept the status quo and not immediately start making drastic changes to the programs or policies.   And if I DON’T end up somewhere new, I need to accept the status quo of where I am . . . no grandiose new “ideas.”

I’m thinking that will probably be harder than it sounds – I LOVE new ideas!  


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