My Funny Valentine

In honor of Valentine's Day tomorrow , I thought I would share with the world at least some of the reasons I adore my husband.  :)

  1. He cooks me breakfast (usually eggs, hash browns, and bacon) every morning. 
  2. He packs me lunch for school and cooks me dinner every evening. 
  3. Although I occasionally jump in and do a few dishes, he is pretty much the one who keeps the kitchen clean (can you tell that is "his" room?)
  4. He has been so gracious in the past few months when I have come home from work and slept until time to go to bed - and he has made sure I ate dinner between those two "naps"!  He has even taken over nearly all the cleaning responsibilities as it is hard to clean the bathroom while sleeping!  
  5. He is brilliant - really - it gets on my nerves a lot of the time, but he knows a lot about everything.  He is a trivia genius and beats me in Scrabble every time (which really bothers me!).  
  6. There just isn't much he doesn't know how to do.  He is a computer guru, cooks, and even cuts my hair!
  7. Specifically, he knows a LOT about the Bible.  Anytime I have a question, he can answer it almost without blinking.  
  8. He makes me laugh - a lot!  He is so silly and it is great to be around someone who doesn't take themselves so seriously all the time.  
  9. He is nurturing.  Much more nurturing than I am.  He is the one who not only takes care of me, but also of the dogs and the chickens.  I know he will be a great Dad!
  10. He takes care of all of the finances, which takes a huge burden off of me, because when I am in charge of the money, it causes me much undue stress.  
I could go on for ages, but these are probably the top 10 - at least the first 10 I thought of!  :)


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