Feeling Gigantic - 2 weeks of WIWW

So I'm posting 2 weeks of What I Wore Wednesday because I totally missed it last week.  Wednesday just passed by and I didn't even realize it!!!  In week 1, I'm 24/25 weeks pregnant, and 25/26 weeks in week 2.  I have to say, the 25 week mark was when I truly started to feel "big."  It is so scary that I have an entire trimester left to grow!!!

This is the end of week 24.  Still feeling good!

This week was the start of week 25.
Tuesday was the first day I actually felt huge. 
But I felt huge in a very cute borrowed maternity dress!

Getting big!  
By the way, today, one of my 9th grade students told me I looked like a witch.
I didn't ask what he meant by that . . .

One of my students
(not the one who said I looked like a witch yesterday)
told me I was "swag" because my pants were cuffed.
I informed him it was because of my height (or lack thereof) -
but he was impressed nonetheless.
I'm wondering if this means I should go get them hemmed?!?!??  :)

This is the start of Week 26.
Saturday #1:  Errands - I love this (borrowed) shirt, but realized it was much too cold for it
Saturday #2:  Church - all bundled up (and much warmer!)
Sunday: Wearing new (to me) jeans given to me by another great friend!
These fit GREAT and when she said she lived in them, I totally understand why!
They are Gap Long and Lean maternity jeans - which is funny,
because whereas I might have once been "lean" I have never been "long".
It seems that these were given to her by a tall friend and she already had them altered to fit a shorty!  :)

Monday:  This cute Gap maternity skirt is from the most recent addition to the wardrobe.
I figured out this layering of the shirts on Saturday (okay so Carlos picked it out!)
Tuesday:  A complete "new" outfit from my friend -
Gap Maternity corduroys
Gap brown/beige striped maternity shirt
This is a SUPER comfortable outfit!!


MommyMeagan said…
I love your maternity looks. Particularly the layered sweaters. I was never pregnant in the winter and always thought warmer maternity clothes were cuter and more belly fitting than summer. You are giving me the baby bug again with these pics!
Lila Jo said…
I love the prints! I have had such a hard time finding prints I like in maternity clothes.

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