Eating Organic

Over the years we have slowly tried to replace some of our basic grocery staples with organic items.  Right now, we consistently buy the following organic items:  milk (white and chocolate), eggs (sometimes from a friend in Macon who has chickens), and sugar.  

This week I added yogurt to that list, as I realized that the increase in cost for organic was not substantial enough to matter.

However, now I feel like we are stuck.  The next logical step would either be to go organic with produce or meat, both of which are a substantial increase in price over non-organic.

I think our logical next step would be to plant a garden with items we eat often.  I wouldn't be able to succeed at this since I can't keep any plant alive, but Carlos, jack-of-all-trades and master of all it seems, would be great.
Of course that would put one more thing on his plate.  And right now our plates are pretty full . . .

I also went to the Local Harvest website where you can find local farmers in your area.  I was able to find some local farms, as well as information on some farmers' markets in my area.  I was even able to find them and add them on facebook!  (I love fb!)

So, at this point I am going to check out these local markets and see how it goes.

More to come on this organic adventure. . . 


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