Chicken Adventures: Part 2

Lots to update since our Chicken Adventure started!  First of all, we (meaning Carlos) finished the chicken coop.  Once it gets warm we are going to paint it and put a run on the side.

Of course, since then he built a door.  He even built roosts for them!  

And a little "hatch" at the back for us to get eggs from. 

He's so smart!  

Then, in December 2010, the chickens came home to roost, so to speak . . .

They were HUGE!  And there are three hens and one rooster.
I finally got a clear visual of the word "hen-pecked."
The hens had totally beat up the poor rooster.  
He had a huge hole that they had pecked in his wing.  
Luckily, he got better.  

At first, they didn't get into the roosts (we weren't even sure they would fit!)
However, Carlos put some branches in there and they started to perch. 
They are finally starting to get into the roosts at night. 

BUT . . .  

No eggs. . . 
I have heard that chickens have to be somewhere for 9 months before they start laying eggs.  
I have also heard that I should put some "fake" eggs in there to show them what I want them to do. 
We don't even know if they will ever lay eggs!  I'm hoping so. . . 
I'd like to get something out of all this chicken feed we are buying!  :)

And now, mid-February: 

They are happy and healthy.  
And our dogs, who we were afraid would want to eat them, 
pretty much just ignore them.  


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