Chaotic Progress

My house is in chaos . . . but it is for a good cause. . . a nursery.  

We live in an older house that does not have insulation, and that room (previously my office and "nap room") was VERY cold.  So, we wanted to tear down the walls, insulate, re-drywall, and then paint and decorate the nursery.  Very overwhelming!  

Well, this week I had some days off for Winter Break so the work began.  
It started with completely clearing out the room:

So where did everything go?  

The living room: 

BOTH sides of the living room:

Also, a bunch of the books
(see about my book problem here)
ended up in the bedroom for that shelf:

That shelf had to be moved from one wall to the other
to accommodate my desk, 
so ALL the books had to go on the bed.  

But the end result was nice.  

And my desk and some scrapbook stuff landed in the bedroom too:

So right now, the only peaceful place in the house is the master bedroom. 
Carlos put a TV in there, and even though we don't have cable,
I can watch DVDs and escape the chaos. 



cyr3n said…
The new room is cute! Insulating a drafty old house can be challenging.. =/ we did the whole bubble wrap + space blankets thing upstairs and it saved us a whopping 30% off our energy bill. I keep telling myself that if we can complete 1 house project a week.. that's a realistic goal and it keeps me focused on the task at hand rather than freaking out over what's not done. =]
Paige said…
In two weeks we'll be starting the nursery reno too. I'm sure our living room will look just like yours. But it is so fun to see the outcome. Take lots of before, during and after pics to post. Good luck!

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