Books, Books, Everywhere

A friend said something on facebook about having books in various places around her house.  It made me look around and realize just how many books are everywhere around me.  I LOVE to read, and as an adult I tend to go through reading "phases" - sometimes I read a lot, sometimes I take a break and don't read as much.  Right now I am in a heavy reading phase.  Therefore, I have books EVERYWHERE!

My office, soon to be the nursery, has my "nap bed" and some of the books:

You can tell a nap has been recently taken!  :) 

I have a book by the couch in the living room:  

And here are where most of our books are housed (in the living room):

On another shelf in the living room, another book (that is borrowed) sits waiting to be read:
(Note the hat - 
I could probably do a similar post about how we have 
my husband's hats all over the house!)  

Another shelf in the living room - it houses mostly records (yes, we have a record player!) and movies, but there are some books there as well:
(See the additional hats!)

I was reading at the kitchen table while eating lunch:

I keep my Bible in my bedroom on a shelf (that I built in high school, by the way):

I even keep a book in the car (this happens to be our current small group study) to read aloud to my husband when we are driving around:

I also have a crate full of books that need have a home found for them:

Finally, I have started to gather my own books from childhood to build the new baby's first library:

I suppose we would save a lot of space in our house if we got a Kindle, but I'm not sure it would be the same. . .


KKSorrell said…
LOVE this post! I may steal your idea! :) And I just finished the third book in the Percy Jackson series - I LOVE them! Also, someone recommended Parenting With Love and Logic to me, too! I need to get it. I really like that you've already got some books for the baby! Ahead of the game! :)

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