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WIWW - 3rd trimester begins!

28 weeks - finally!  :)  We had an abbreviated Winter Break last week, and we spent most of the weekend working on the nursery (see Chaotic Progress and One Wall Down (literally!) for more information on the renovation.

So, I don't have too many pics, but here's what I have . . . it's finally warmer so I'm excited to finally not have to wear winter clothes!!!

Thursday was the only day we went anywhere besides Home Depot or Lowes.  We went with a friend to Lane Southern Orchards in Fort Valley, GA.  If you are ever traveling I-75 through middle GA, it is definitely worth the stop!  Great produce, great food, and GREAT peach cobbler and peach ice cream!

My pics from this week were mostly blurry - I only got one really good one, and it is a good example because it is the first time I've worn this dress:

My mom bought this dress for me in the fall when I first was pregnant.  I really like it now that I'm big enough for it and it's warm enough to wear it!  We got…

Eating Organic

Over the years we have slowly tried to replace some of our basic grocery staples with organic items.  Right now, we consistently buy the following organic items:  milk (white and chocolate), eggs (sometimes from a friend in Macon who has chickens), and sugar.  

This week I added yogurt to that list, as I realized that the increase in cost for organic was not substantial enough to matter.

However, now I feel like we are stuck.  The next logical step would either be to go organic with produce or meat, both of which are a substantial increase in price over non-organic.

I think our logical next step would be to plant a garden with items we eat often.  I wouldn't be able to succeed at this since I can't keep any plant alive, but Carlos, jack-of-all-trades and master of all it seems, would be great.
Of course that would put one more thing on his plate.  And right now our plates are pretty full . . .

I also went to the Local Harvest website where you can find local farmers in your …

Chicken Adventures: Part 2

Lots to update since our Chicken Adventure started!  First of all, we (meaning Carlos) finished the chicken coop.  Once it gets warm we are going to paint it and put a run on the side.

Of course, since then he built a door.  He even built roosts for them!  

And a little "hatch" at the back for us to get eggs from. 

He's so smart!  
Then, in December 2010, the chickens came home to roost, so to speak . . .

They were HUGE!  And there are three hens and one rooster. I finally got a clear visual of the word "hen-pecked." The hens had totally beat up the poor rooster.   He had a huge hole that they had pecked in his wing.   Luckily, he got better.  
At first, they didn't get into the roosts (we weren't even sure they would fit!) However, Carlos put some branches in there and they started to perch.  They are finally starting to get into the roosts at night. 
BUT . . .  
No eggs. . .  I have heard that chickens have to be somewhere for 9 months before they start laying eggs…

One Wall Down (literally!)

So, I helped with the demo, and here is my proof: 

I got to take off the corner round and the baseboards.  Well, I couldn't get the baseboards off - Carlos had to do that but I then cut the nails off of what we will be able to reuse!

Once Carlos started tearing down walls and it got dusty, he kicked me out of the room.

I got all suited up to help with the insulation, but I ended up not being able to help much.

One exterior wall down, insulated, and wired:

Chaotic Progress

My house is in chaos . . . but it is for a good cause. . . a nursery.  
We live in an older house that does not have insulation, and that room (previously my office and "nap room") was VERY cold.  So, we wanted to tear down the walls, insulate, re-drywall, and then paint and decorate the nursery.  Very overwhelming!  
Well, this week I had some days off for Winter Break so the work began.   It started with completely clearing out the room:

So where did everything go?  
The living room: 

BOTH sides of the living room:

Also, a bunch of the books (see about my book problem here) ended up in the bedroom for that shelf:

That shelf had to be moved from one wall to the other to accommodate my desk,  so ALL the books had to go on the bed.  

But the end result was nice.  
And my desk and some scrapbook stuff landed in the bedroom too:

So right now, the only peaceful place in the house is the master bedroom.  Carlos put a TV in there, and even though we don't have cable, I can watch DVDs and escap…

Status Quo

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Status Quo as “the existing state of affairs.”It is usually spoken with a negative connotation, as in someone who is unwilling to change with the times or move forward when it is obvious a change is needed.
However, I am beginning to see the value in the status quo.I have always been one who has sought change.I have lived and worked in four different states in the 11 years since I graduated college.I am always looking for new challenges and new ideas.One of my flaws would be that I jump into change (even if it is a good change) without truly thinking through the decision or consequences.
At work, I always come up with some “great new idea” that usually only means more work for me, and it doesn’t always end with the intended benefit.New programs, new curriculum, new classes, new projects.This year I am going to strive to accept the status quo. . . even if a change is needed.At least for a little while until I have time to truly think through the cha…

27 weeks - WIWW


Saturday:  Stayed at home all day in sweats :)

Although I have two pair of brown corduroy pants, I see that I wore them 3 out of the last 4 days!
I really hope it warms up soon so I can start wearing dresses!!!

Short and simple this week!  :)  Linking up with The Pleated Poppy!
(I will be in my 3rd trimester next What I Wore Wednesday!  Woohoo!!!)

My Funny Valentine

In honor of Valentine's Day tomorrow , I thought I would share with the world at least some of the reasons I adore my husband.  :)

He cooks me breakfast (usually eggs, hash browns, and bacon) every morning. He packs me lunch for school and cooks me dinner every evening. Although I occasionally jump in and do a few dishes, he is pretty much the one who keeps the kitchen clean (can you tell that is "his" room?)He has been so gracious in the past few months when I have come home from work and slept until time to go to bed - and he has made sure I ate dinner between those two "naps"!  He has even taken over nearly all the cleaning responsibilities as it is hard to clean the bathroom while sleeping!  He is brilliant - really - it gets on my nerves a lot of the time, but he knows a lot about everything.  He is a trivia genius and beats me in Scrabble every time (which really bothers me!).  There just isn't much he doesn't know how to do.  He is a computer gur…

Feeling Gigantic - 2 weeks of WIWW

So I'm posting 2 weeks of What I Wore Wednesday because I totally missed it last week.  Wednesday just passed by and I didn't even realize it!!!  In week 1, I'm 24/25 weeks pregnant, and 25/26 weeks in week 2.  I have to say, the 25 week mark was when I truly started to feel "big."  It is so scary that I have an entire trimester left to grow!!!

This is the end of week 24.  Still feeling good!
This week was the start of week 25. Tuesday was the first day I actually felt huge.  But I felt huge in a very cute borrowed maternity dress!
Getting big!   By the way, today, one of my 9th grade students told me I looked like a witch. I didn't ask what he meant by that . . .

One of my students
(not the one who said I looked like a witch yesterday)
told me I was "swag" because my pants were cuffed.
I informed him it was because of my height (or lack thereof) -
but he was impressed nonetheless.
I'm wondering if this means I should go get them hemmed?!?!??  :)

Books, Books, Everywhere

A friend said something on facebook about having books in various places around her house.  It made me look around and realize just how many books are everywhere around me.  I LOVE to read, and as an adult I tend to go through reading "phases" - sometimes I read a lot, sometimes I take a break and don't read as much.  Right now I am in a heavy reading phase.  Therefore, I have books EVERYWHERE!

My office, soon to be the nursery, has my "nap bed" and some of the books:

You can tell a nap has been recently taken!  :) 
I have a book by the couch in the living room:  
And here are where most of our books are housed (in the living room):
On another shelf in the living room, another book (that is borrowed) sits waiting to be read: (Note the hat -  I could probably do a similar post about how we have  my husband's hats all over the house!)  
Another shelf in the living room - it houses mostly records (yes, we have a record player!) and movies, but there are some books th…