WIWW - 24 weeks

Linking up with The Pleated Poppy's What I Wore Wednesday Link-up!  
I'm 24 weeks now, and starting to feel it!  :)
Wednesday:  Probably the last time I can wear this non-maternity sweater.
Thursday:  Everything non-maternity except the black shirt.  
Flowered shirt borrowed from my mom.
Friday:  Just got these great new jeans from Sears!  
I can't find a link for them, but love them!

Saturday: Leggings attempt #2
#1 - This is what I looked like getting ready.  
Carlos (who isn't a huge fan of leggings anyway) told me 
I looked like a pregnant superhero.  
#2 -- This is what I WANTED to wear, but the t-shirt just wasn't long enough.
#3 -- I ended up putting on my go-to maternity skirt on over it.  
Boots:  These Aerosoles boots are awesome!  
My niece didn't want them anymore, so I took them.  
I love them, but I've pretty much worn them out so I will have to get rid of them after this season.  
I will definitely be looking to replace them with an identical pair!!

 Monday:  My non-maternity Old Navy sweater. 
(Same as the black one with the leggings above)
Love it!
Tuesday:  Non-maternity sweater (can you tell?)
with a borrowed red maternity turtleneck. 
Wednesday:  Borrowed blue maternity turtleneck with borrowed maternity pants
(Aren't friends great?!)
Non-maternity jacket handed down from a colleague -- big enough to close!

I am SO ready for spring clothes -- short sleeves, sandals, dresses . . . I am praying for an early arrival of warm weather! 


Michele said…
You are so much cuter and stylish than I ever was when I was prego! You look great! BTW, if you are in the DFW area, there's an Anthro at NorthPark and at The Shops at Willow Bend off the Dallas Tollway. They are a bit high for my humble teacher salary, but I do find things there on sale.
Paige said…
You look great! I'm 23 weeks along and I hear you...I barely fit in non-maternity stuff anymore. Looking forward to your pregnant looks as we journey together to motherhood and look stylish the whole way (or at least try our best to!). Have fun!
Katie said…
You look great!!! I'm 17 weeks along, and SOO ready for warm weather. Sweaters and jeans aren't as comfortable as they were pre-preggo! :)

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