What I Wore Wednesday -- Catching up

Since I missed WIWW the last couple of weeks, I decided to post several weeks of pics.  I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy's weekly What I Wore Wednesday blog - check it out - and join in the fun!

My wardrobe got an injection of new clothes when a co-worker and friend brought me her maternity clothes to borrow!  I am SO excited!  I was getting very tired of the same few shirts!

Sunday:  Church, errands, and small group

Monday:  Teacher workday at school 

New shoes!  Rocket dog flats

Tuesday:  School 

Wednesday:  School

Thursday:  School
Shirt, pants, and sweater all loaned to me!

 Friday:  Dr. appt

Saturday:  Church

Sunday:  Church
This is a non-maternity Old Navy sweater that works
GREAT for me right now and hopefully will fit next winter too!

Sunday night:  Small group
The most comfortable sweatsuit ever!
I was outgrowing my others so my sister got me this maternity one from Kohls for Christmas.

 School:  I can't remember what day

School:  One day last week
Birthday Dinner
I wore this outfit to dinner for my birthday.  It was my first real attempt at leggings (ever). 
I normally don't wear leggings because I'm so short I feel it makes me look ridiculous.  
But they are a maternity staple and now I understand why!  
I am SO tired of wearing big tops AND baggy pants.  
I just feel like a slob.  
So I thought I would try the leggings out.  
Carlos said I looked like an ice cream cone (small on the bottom and big on the top).  
I kind of took it as a compliment, since I have NEVER been smaller on the bottom than on the top!  :) 
The outfit is extra special because a student gave me the white shirt today for my birthday!
(I rarely get gifts from students because I work at a Title 1 high school.)
I thought it was really sweet of her.
SO, I can't wear leggings to school, but I will be busting them out again sometime in the next few months!  :)


Laura said…
Cute outfits! You and your baby bump look great!
Michele said…
Don't you look too cute! I loved borrowed maternity clothes. You're so lucky to have a sweet co-worker. I like the non-maternity Old Navy sweater. I think I own it, ha! You definitely have the pregnancy glow :)

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