Too Much to Do!

I do not want to call my house "the money pit," although it might be one.  It is overwhelming how MUCH of a fixer-upper it has turned out to be!  Here is a current list of projects that need to be done (in no particular order). 
  • Repair, replace and re-roof carport from where the tree fell on it.
  • Close in a room in the carport with a door to the back yard. 
  • Nursery - Replace windows, insulate, drywall, and paint
  • Redo hall bathroom (already gutted) -- also replace plumbing and repair ventilation problem
  • Fix dishwasher - heating element broken
  • Fence/Gate - repair and reinstall correctly
  • Barn/Work building - rebuild roof, reroof, insulate, new doors and windows (bye-bye giant bird house!)
  • New windows throughout the house
  • Turn window into sliding glass door in master bedroom
  • New heating and a/c unit - moved to the side of the house with all new ductwork
  • Master bath renovation - with addition of walk-in closet
  • Move washer/dryer to new laundry room in "new" carport room
  • Renovate entire kitchen
  • Paint exterior of house or get vinyl siding
  • New shutters
  • Paint front door
  • Paint chicken coop
  • Stain mantel
  • Get glass doors for fireplace


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