Questions from Genesis

So today I read Genesis 4-6 in my One Year Chronological Bible.  These chapters of Genesis leave me with many questions.  I'm sure some have been answered by scholars, and maybe one day I will research those answers.  For today, I'm just going to allow the questions to be. 
  • Was the first language spoken Hebrew?
  • What was the mark put on Cain in Genesis 4:15?  
  • Where did Enoch go when he disappeared because God "took him"?  (Genesis 5:24)
  • Who were the "sons of God" who married/procreated with women on earth?  (Genesis 6:2)  Were they angels?  Fallen angels?  Demons?  
  • Were these children of the sons of God, the Nephilites, the cause of the evil that prompted God to destroy the earth?  (Genesis 6:5)


Rana said…
I thought the comment in the Chronological Bible was very interesting about the Sons of God. Especially after reading the Mortal Instruments series it seemed very "romantic" to believe they were angels. However, the editors comments make much more sense! Would like more info on Nephilim after reading those books though!!

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