One Little Word for 2011

Inspired by Ali Edward's One Little Word Project, I have chosen my word for 2011.  My word for this year is Nurture. 

Those that truly know me (and are truly honest) will admit that I am not a nurturing person.  I'm not very compassionate (although that is changing thanks to a lot of prayer and the Holy Spirit) and I definitely do not see myself as a care-taker.  When Carlos is sick, he gets very little sympathy, but rather a request/demand for something to eat.  (Poor guy!)

So, with the coming of a little one that I will be responsible for nurturing, I want to focus on this characteristic this year.  Although the coming of Chico is probably the main reason for this choice of word, there are a lot of areas in which I want to become more nurturing.  I want to really pay attention and nurture the relationships around me - my relationship with Carlos, and with family and friends.  Sometimes I get on autopilot and think a facebook "like" or comment is enough to maintain friendships.  And although I LOVE facebook for how it helps me keep in touch with friends and family, it cannot be the main instrument for nurturing relationships. 

I also want to be able to be more nurturing in very practical ways.  I am notorious for killing plants, but I would love for us to have a vegetable garden.  With a great deal of help from Carlos, I am hoping this is something we can nurture into existence this year.  We also have a chicken coop and hope to get some chickens that will lay fresh eggs for us this year.  This will undoubtedly take a great deal of nurturing as well. 

All that to say, I hope by the end of 2011 I (and those who know me) can use the word "nurturing" as one that accurately describes me. 


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