Birthday Blues

January is such a dreadful month - cold, dreary, miserable, depressing, and long!  Sorry to sound so dismal, blame it on my recent reading of Lemony Snicket's The Series of Unfortunate Events - (which isn't that great, I am just trying to expand my reading in case I am a Media Specialist in an elementary or middle school in the future.)  

Anyway, every year around my birthday I battle this feeling - it probably has more to do with weather than anything else, but it seems so depressing to celebrate my birthday when it is so cold and miserable!  Plus, it's right after Christmas and people don't have the money to do anything fun, and it's so cold no one wants to do anything. . . Every year I consider waiting and celebrating my half-birthday so I can have a proper summer celebration!  I haven't done it yet . . . but I still think it's a good idea.

Yesterday was my birthday, and it wasn't so bad of a day, but not that exciting either.  I went to work, and because they announced my birthday on the morning announcements, teachers and students wished me Happy Birthday all day.  Plus I had lots of birthday greetings on facebook, which made me smile.  It was a dreadfully cold and dreary day, but I survived it.  :)  Carlos and I went out to dinner, then I spent the evening watching Dr. Who. 

Chico gave me a nice birthday present though.  For my birthday, he or she started kicking hard enough to be visible from the outside.  That was very exciting and pretty much made my day!


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