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WIWW - 24 weeks

Linking up with The Pleated Poppy's What I Wore Wednesday Link-up!  
I'm 24 weeks now, and starting to feel it!  :)
School:   Wednesday:  Probably the last time I can wear this non-maternity sweater. Thursday:  Everything non-maternity except the black shirt.   Flowered shirt borrowed from my mom. Friday:  Just got these great new jeans from Sears!   I can't find a link for them, but love them!
Saturday: Leggings attempt #2 #1 - This is what I looked like getting ready.   Carlos (who isn't a huge fan of leggings anyway) told me  I looked like a pregnant superhero.   #2 -- This is what I WANTED to wear, but the t-shirt just wasn't long enough. #3 -- I ended up putting on my go-to maternity skirt on over it.   Boots:  These Aerosoles boots are awesome!   My niece didn't want them anymore, so I took them.   I love them, but I've pretty much worn them out so I will have to get rid of them after this season.   I will definitely be looking to replace them with an identical pair…

Pregnancy Pearls of Wisdom

In your 1st trimester, do not try to stay awake.  It will not work.  Just sleep as much as you can.  Don't try to be productive.  The baby needs sleep.  Your body needs sleep.  It's nature - don't fight it. Read all the books, but the funniest is The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy.  I was loaned a copy from a friend, and it was the first edition, but it has been updated.  This will especially help the chapter on maternity fashion, which was so outdated from the first edition that it was laugh-out-loud funny.Maternity clothes suck.  At the beginning (before you are even showing), they seem exciting.  They are not.  Wear normal clothes for as long as you can!  Integrate as many non-maternity items into your wardrobe as possible.  I promise it will make you feel much better.  Speaking of maternity clothes, shop the maternity section at Sears.  You may have never stepped into Sears for anything other than tires, but believe me, they have a decent selection.  You will prob…

What I Wore Wednesday -- Catching up

Since I missed WIWW the last couple of weeks, I decided to post several weeks of pics.  I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy's weekly What I Wore Wednesday blog - check it out - and join in the fun!

My wardrobe got an injection of new clothes when a co-worker and friend brought me her maternity clothes to borrow!  I am SO excited!  I was getting very tired of the same few shirts!

Sunday:  Church, errands, and small group
Monday:  Teacher workday at school
New shoes!  Rocket dog flats
Tuesday:  School
Wednesday:  School
Thursday:  School
Shirt, pants, and sweater all loaned to me!
Friday:  Dr. appt
Saturday:  Church

Sunday:  Church
This is a non-maternity Old Navy sweater that works
GREAT for me right now and hopefully will fit next winter too!

Sunday night:  Small group The most comfortable sweatsuit ever!
I was outgrowing my others so my sister got me this maternity one from Kohls for Christmas.

School:  I can't remember what day

School:  One day last week Birthday Dinner I wore this…

Birthday Blues

January is such a dreadful month - cold, dreary, miserable, depressing, and long!  Sorry to sound so dismal, blame it on my recent reading of Lemony Snicket's The Series of Unfortunate Events - (which isn't that great, I am just trying to expand my reading in case I am a Media Specialist in an elementary or middle school in the future.)  

Anyway, every year around my birthday I battle this feeling - it probably has more to do with weather than anything else, but it seems so depressing to celebrate my birthday when it is so cold and miserable!  Plus, it's right after Christmas and people don't have the money to do anything fun, and it's so cold no one wants to do anything. . . Every year I consider waiting and celebrating my half-birthday so I can have a proper summer celebration!  I haven't done it yet . . . but I still think it's a good idea.

Yesterday was my birthday, and it wasn't so bad of a day, but not that exciting either.  I went to work, and b…

Too Much to Do!

I do not want to call my house "the money pit," although it might be one.  It is overwhelming how MUCH of a fixer-upper it has turned out to be!  Here is a current list of projects that need to be done (in no particular order). 
Repair, replace and re-roof carport from where the tree fell on it.Close in a room in the carport with a door to the back yard. Nursery - Replace windows, insulate, drywall, and paintRedo hall bathroom (already gutted) -- also replace plumbing and repair ventilation problemFix dishwasher - heating element brokenFence/Gate - repair and reinstall correctlyBarn/Work building - rebuild roof, reroof, insulate, new doors and windows (bye-bye giant bird house!)New windows throughout the houseTurn window into sliding glass door in master bedroomNew heating and a/c unit - moved to the side of the house with all new ductworkMaster bath renovation - with addition of walk-in closetMove washer/dryer to new laundry room in "new" carport roomRenovate enti…

Chico - 21 weeks

Chico from the Outside:

Chico from the Inside:  

One Little Word for 2011

Inspired by Ali Edward's One Little Word Project, I have chosen my word for 2011.  My word for this year is Nurture. 

Those that truly know me (and are truly honest) will admit that I am not a nurturing person.  I'm not very compassionate (although that is changing thanks to a lot of prayer and the Holy Spirit) and I definitely do not see myself as a care-taker.  When Carlos is sick, he gets very little sympathy, but rather a request/demand for something to eat.  (Poor guy!)

So, with the coming of a little one that I will be responsible for nurturing, I want to focus on this characteristic this year.  Although the coming of Chico is probably the main reason for this choice of word, there are a lot of areas in which I want to become more nurturing.  I want to really pay attention and nurture the relationships around me - my relationship with Carlos, and with family and friends.  Sometimes I get on autopilot and think a facebook "like" or comment is enough to maintain …

Questions from Genesis

So today I read Genesis 4-6 in my One Year Chronological Bible.  These chapters of Genesis leave me with many questions.  I'm sure some have been answered by scholars, and maybe one day I will research those answers.  For today, I'm just going to allow the questions to be. 
Was the first language spoken Hebrew? What was the mark put on Cain in Genesis 4:15?  Where did Enoch go when he disappeared because God "took him"?  (Genesis 5:24)Who were the "sons of God" who married/procreated with women on earth?  (Genesis 6:2)  Were they angels?  Fallen angels?  Demons?  Were these children of the sons of God, the Nephilites, the cause of the evil that prompted God to destroy the earth?  (Genesis 6:5)

The Curse

So I'm starting my year through the Bible using the NLT One Year Chronological Bible.  Today was (of course), the story of creation and the fall of man.  As I read, it struck me how misunderstood the curse of the woman is.  As I was growing up in church, the only part that was emphasized was the pain in childbirth.  But that's easy to avoid - just don't have kids.  Plus, it's just one day, right? 

However, I think the "real" curse is in the second part of Genesis 3:16:
"And you will desire to control your husband, but he will rule over you."  And maybe this one only applies to married women, but it definitely DOES apply to married women!  I don't know any woman who doesn't want to be in charge - of everything, especially her husband.  I would even venture to say it is the major cause of conflict in a marriage. . . the power struggle for control. 

A secular, but interesting, book that talks about this issue is The Surrendered Wife.  Our cultur…