WIWW: 17 weeks - BRRR!!!

Cold weather has arrived in Georgia - brrrrrr!!!!!  I am not fond of cold weather, or cold weather clothes - mostly because I'm not great at layering, etc.

Thursday:  School

Friday:  Field Trip to World of Coke and the Varsity (YUM!)

Saturday:  Errands and Church

Sunday:  Church

Monday:  School

Tuesday:  School
Non-maternity gray corduroys (the LAST day I will be wearing them -
my rubber band was stretched to it's limit!!!)
Gray maternity T-shirt and a sweater that my sister gave me (non-maternity)

It looks pretty cute in the picture, but by the end of the day I felt like I looked like a bum. 
Not sure why.  

Wednesday:  School - and FREEZING
It was still only 35 degrees when I left school at 3:30!!!
Pink Old Navy sweater (non-maternity)
Pink scarf from who knows where

Feel free to VOTE on my potential baby names (see blog about it here) to the right!  :)

I'm linked up with The Pleated Poppy!


Ashley said…
Ugh, this weather is killing me! I'm not sure where you live-- I'm in MD and it's freezing. Cute outfits!
Susanne said…
you look so pretty in the coral/pink dress and brown cardi! also like the outfit right above it that you wore to church.
(i voted for baby names on your poll. my faves are cadence and christian!)
Anonymous said…
Just a tip...the blue sweater from me - I always wear it with the zipper open at the bottom (at least a little), for some reason I think it looks better! Try that next time and let me know!!!

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