WIWW: 16 weeks and Thanksgiving

We had Thanksgiving early with my family, and on Thanksgiving Day, Carlos' family came over to our house.  Here is what I wore that day: 

Seriously - Peachy LOVES to pose!
This awesome maternity dress is from Old Navy!

Saturday and Sunday we are at church (our church as 4 services) -- 
Carlos plays the congas and I work with the children.  
This week I included Carlos in on the WIWW action!  :)  


Carlos is known for his hats  (Fedoras)- many people don't even recognize him if he isn't wearing one.
I guess this weekend he decided on blue shirts for him.

Sunday evening, small group:
I dressed like a bum, 
Carlos wore the same thing he wore to church that morning, 
so he looked nice.  

Work Week:  


Now - notice I wore the same pants 2 days in a row.  
I normally would NEVER do that, but pregnancy has a way of limiting your wardrobe. 
But I was thinking about it today - what's the big deal? 
Am I really that vain and prideful? 
Certainly no one else notices or cares.  
Why do I care so much?  

I saw this Minimalist Wardrobe vlog on Money Saving Mom a few months ago, and it has stuck with me.
Although I'm not sure I could pare down my wardrobe quite that much, 
why couldn't I get rid of a LOT of my excess?
I'm still not sure I can.
However, after packing up 7+ boxes of clothes that I can't wear now, 
I am beginning to think I might have too many clothes!

Carlos (only 2 pics though):

Well, that was our week!
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Krista said…
I love your bump! You are looking good :)
Michele said…
The baby bump is just too cute. You look way cuter than I did in maternity clothes. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving!
Susanne said…
love your sunday outfit with the yellow blouse--very cute! how fun that your husband wanted to play along too!

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