What's in a Name?

So we have narrowed down our baby name list, but we still have not decided on one particular name for a boy or a girl.  Because we aren't finding out what we are having, we have to have names ready for both.  We are sure about our middle names, but probably won't decide the first name definitely until the baby is here and we can see what name we think best fits it.

We want the name to start with a "C" - to go along with Courtney and Carlos, and we need it to either be a Spanish name or translate well into Spanish.  We would also like for it to have some purpose or connection to family heritage.

For a boy, we have several names on the list, but Caden and Carlisle are probably the top two.  I like Christian, but Carlos doesn't really like it.  I just read that Caden is in the top 10 boy names for 2010, so that kind of influences me against using that one.  I really like it, but I don't want my child to have a name that a bunch of other kids his age have.

The middle name for a boy is definitely going to be Ramon.  Ramon is my dad and grandfather's name, and it is also Carlos' grandfather's name.

A girl - the top two names are Chloe and Cadence.  Everyone loves Chloe, but it too is on the top 10 list for names in 2010.  Carlos loves Cadence, because it means rhythm, and that appeals to him as a musician.  My only issue with Cadence is that a teacher I work with just recently named her daughter Kadence.  Other people tell me that shouldn't matter, but I haven't completely come to terms with that yet!

The middle name for a girl will definitely be Ricole.  Ricole is my middle name (and my niece's middle name - after ME!).  My parents created that name from their own two names - Rick and Carole.

So those are all my (current) thoughts on names.  I have added a poll so YOU can vote on which one you like best!  :)


Leeana said…
Carlisle and Cadence :)
Ashlie Pullen said…
Carlisle and Chloe!! Sooo cute!

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