Things that I didn't expect from pregnancy:

  1. The need to pee -- I always thought this was a phenomenon that came at the END of pregnancy, not something that was a part of your life almost from the time you finished peeing on a stick!
  2. Hunger -- Insanity-inducing hunger that comes on immediately with NO warning whatsoever!
  3. A passionate love affair with food -- I love food.  Not all foods, it has to be the RIGHT food.  My love affair with food can quickly turn to hatred if I am disappointed with the taste. 
  4. Pregnancy brain -- I always thought this was just an excuse to be stupid.  But I really do feel stupid right now.  The simplest tasks are very complicated and it's as if I'm constantly in a fog.  Maybe it's because all I'm really thinking about is food. . . .  
  5. How comfy maternity pants are -- Seriously, I'm not sure I will be able to return to a world of pants with buttons and zippers. 
  6. Acne -- enough said.
  7. Sheer exhaustion -- although this only lasted the first 3 months or so, I never realized I would need so much sleep.  I already slept a LOT and that wasn't enough!  I feel like I totally slept through the fall this year. 
  8. Mucus Mania -- I had no idea the snot build-up that came with pregnancy.  Who knew that growing a baby could affect your sinuses???
  9. Finally, the fact that you don't "feel" pregnant - at least not the first half of the pregnancy.  I'm now 20 weeks, and pretty much all I've felt is tired, hungry, and fat.  Maybe once the baby gets moving more than little flutters I will feel differently.  Right now it's easy to forget I'm pregnant - it just feels like I have on comfy pants all the time!  


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