Awesome gift idea

I just found this awesome site - A Dog's Life, where you can buy wine or dog treats with personalized labels with pictures of YOUR dogs! 

If you don't have dogs, you can also get personalized labels for gifts for a variety of occasions:  birthday, anniversary, wedding, thank you, Christmas, Hanukkah, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, New Year's, and graduation!  These templates allow you to put a personalized message on your bottle of wine. 

You can also upload your dog's picture and if it wins one of the monthly contests, you get a gift certificate to use on the site!

They also have a Rescue Dogs series of labels!  As an owner of one rescue dog, I LOVE that! 

At least go and vote for your favorite dog - - here is my favorite.  Maybe just because it's name is Chico and that is what we are calling the baby right now!  :)


Meredith said…
congrats on the baby!! picking a name is so hard. it's like you're sticking the kid with something that they'll be known by FOREVER! good luck and no pressure,eh? ;)
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