WIWW: 15 weeks

Wow! Wednesdays come around quickly, don't they? Linking up at The Pleated Poppy for this week's edition of What I Wore Wednesday.

Last week was jean's week at school, and as you can tell, I was feeling quite lazy as I didn't do my hair on either Thursday or Friday:

After frustration last week with being "in-between" regular and maternity clothes, I decided to just wear dresses for the rest of the week (I like dresses better anyway!)

The skirt is from Old Navy, and it is a GREAT maternity skirt!  I think I want it in brown too!!
I must note that in that 2nd picture, Carlos took the picture from a strange angle - I'm not quite that big (yet)!

And I got a great new dress on clearance from Target that I LOVE:

Peachy posed with me on this one!  :)

And my great purchase of the week -- maternity tights!!!!  I tried to wear regular tights one day, and that did NOT work at all!!!  I got a pair in black and plum - hoping to get some in brown soon!


Michele said…
Cute! So fun to see you transition into maternity clothes. Happy Thanksgiving!

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