What I Wore Wednesday: 14 weeks

So I'm now 14 weeks pregnant, and although I am not as exhausted as I was, I have still not experienced the burst of energy that all the books promise come with the 2nd trimester. I'm hoping the energy comes during the school holidays so I can get a lot accomplished!

I'm linking up again with The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday. Every week there are more and more people linking up and sharing what they wear - it's fun, check it out!

Last week at school:

The weekend:

This week is dress down week at school, which means we can wear jeans without having to wear a school shirt. Although that doesn't fill me with the same joy as it does some other teachers at my school, it is nice to know what pants I am going to wear each day at least!

My only pair of maternity jeans - my other jeans are being held together with a rubber band!

Some days I look cuter than others, I guess - it's hard to learn to dress around this bump!


Paige said…
super cute and I LOVE your bump!



i live for jeans day without a school spirit shirt!!!!
Paige said…
Love your bump! How exciting!
Ashlie Pullen said…
I love how cute you are!!!

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