Courtney's Rules for a Happy Life

1.  Be content with what you have.

2.  Never say anything negative in public about your spouse or your children.  You should be their #1 supporter!  (And they should be yours!)

3.  Own a dog.  They really are man's (or woman's) best friend.  They listen when no one else will.  They also love you when you haven't brushed your teeth or showered in three days and are still wearing last week's pajamas.

4.  Work to Live, Don't Live to Work - However, if you don't love at least one thing about your job, maybe it's time to look for another one.

5.  Find 2-3 songs that lift your spirit and have at least one of them accessible at all times.  You never know when you will need a pick-me-up.  (By the way, my songs are "Boogie Shoes" by the BeeGees, almost anything by Earth, Wind, and Fire or Tom Jones, and "Upside Down" by Paloma Faith.

6.  Take naps.

7. Read (often).  It doesn't matter what you read - books, newspapers, blogs, magazines - just don't limit yourself to your own thoughts.  They are probably shallow and selfish; at least mine are.

8.  Travel as much as you can.  God made the whole world - you don't have be stuck in one place your whole life.

9.  Find a church that you LOVE to go to.  Not one that feels like a duty or obligation, but one that makes you excited to drive in the parking lot.

10.  Brush your teeth twice a day.  I don't really know how this can make your life happy, but it's important, so do it anyway -- even if your dogs don't care whether your teeth are brushed or not!


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