What I Wore Wednesday - Hiding the Baby Bump

So I haven't linked up with The Pleated Poppy in quite a few weeks. Actually I've been napping. Plus my clothes have been frustrating rather than fun as I have been trying to hide my new baby bump for as long as I can. That's right - a little Carlos or Courtney will be here in May (God help us all!) I'm 10 weeks and I am really starting to show (and have been for a while) - I attribute it to the fact that I'm only 5'0" and there isn't really anywhere else for a baby to go than out.
So, back to WIWW, I thought I would go back and see what pictures I had actually taken in the last few weeks and see what I had. Recently, I haven't been too good at getting the pictures taken.
The first few weeks were easy:

And in those first few weeks I exhausted my "easy" clothes options.
The next set of pictures was okay:

Although that last picture leaves much to be desired.
Then came the not-so-great. Now, I was comfy, believe me, but I wasn't very convincing at hiding a new pregnancy.

So maybe now that it is public knowledge and I don't have to stress so much about what I wear, I will do better at taking pictures and posting again. Plus, I'm not having to sleep quite as much, although I do still love an afternoon nap!!!


Michele said…
I remember dressing to hide the baby bump. It was even harder the second pregnancy. I also remember being exhausted when I was prego. Add that on top of teaching all day and all I wanted to do after school was nap for two hours! You look very cute!
Library Girl said…
You look fantastic! Can't wait to see your cute outfits that show off your baby bump. :)
Anonymous said…
Congrats now show off the baby bump! And no need to hide that cute little thing. I hated being pregnate but would not change the life that came with it for the world best of luck! Its over before you know it!

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