Ugly Shoes

Carlos made me look at ugly shoes today. After 5 years of marriage to a guy who usually won't let me even LOOK at flats and definitely prefers 3+ inch heels (as do I), today was shocking.

I know I'm pregnant, and people keep telling me, "You'll stop wearing those high heels soon!" But I don't care. I still want to wear cute shoes. I cannot stand an entire winter in ugly shoes - summer would be easy - flip flops and cute sandals. But winter? That's boot season. And what 5'0" girl is going to look good in flat boots?!?!?

To be honest, I don't really like winter shoes to begin with. I'd much prefer a strappy sandal to a boot. But I don't live in Florida anymore and I do need some winter-appropriate shoes. Any suggestions??? Do I REALLY need to wear flats just because I am pregnant???


Karissa said…
I think it won't matter so much now, but towards the end when you get really big, heels may not be comfortable.

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