The Cat's Out of the Bag

Well, it seems that now it is public knowledge that I am pregnant! I am 10 weeks and my due date is on May 16, 2011. We are excited - and nervous - and glad that we have 7 months to prepare!

We are not going to find out the gender of the baby, which shocks and upsets some people, but we don't care. I want the "It's a ______!" moment and I am willing to wait for it.

I haven't been sick (thankfully), but I have been completely and totally exhausted. My routine is this: school, nap (2-3 hours), eat, watch 1-2 TV shows with the hubby, then sleep. Then it starts all over the next day!

I've been blogging about the pregnancy from the beginning, but I'm just publishing those posts now so if you are interested, check out all posts with the tag: pregnancy and read from the bottom up!


Michele said…
Congratulations! I'm so excited for you and look forward to following this exciting journey you are on. A few weeks ago I tagged you game of blog tag where you participate in a fun Q&A. Now it makes sense that you've been a little preoccupied. Best of luck!!!
Karissa said…
Tiredness is part of the experience - enjoy those naps! I napped a lot when I was pregnant with Madeleine!

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