Baby Stuff

Well, the first round of baby stuff has entered the house. Yesterday, a good friend called to tell us that she was having a multi-family yard sale and there was some good baby stuff that she put aside for us. We ended up getting a carseat/stroller, crib mattress, and a bumbo seat.
Let me tell you, it was kind of scary seeing all of that baby stuff sitting in the living room!! Talk about making it seem "real"!
I did get it all in the closet in what will be the nursery. (Which is what has been my office/nap room!)
On another note, I took out my belly button ring last night. I feel kind of naked without it . . . I've had it for 10 years, and even though no one really ever saw it, I was so used to seeing it that it kind of seems weird without it.


Karissa said…
Very cool! I think I'm still in shock that you're preggo! The baby stuff looks great! I am SO excited for you!
Andrea said…
Hey Court... my cousin kept her belly ring in during her pregnancy until it popped off! I think she wished she'd have taken it out herself. :)

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