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Pregnancy Brain

So I already have a good "pregnancy brain" story - it actually happened two weeks ago. Carlos usually drives me to school and picks me up in the afternoon. Well, one day I texted him and asked him to come get me at 3 pm.

Well, I did some stuff after school was out, waiting until 3:00 when he would be there. I went to the office to go the restroom and on the way I looked out the doors to see if he was there yet. I saw the car parked, and I thought to myself, "Why did he park in my parking spot?"

It took about 30 seconds for it to then sink in that I drove myself to school that day!!!

Baby Stuff

Well, the first round of baby stuff has entered the house. Yesterday, a good friend called to tell us that she was having a multi-family yard sale and there was some good baby stuff that she put aside for us. We ended up getting a carseat/stroller, crib mattress, and a bumbo seat.
Let me tell you, it was kind of scary seeing all of that baby stuff sitting in the living room!! Talk about making it seem "real"!
I did get it all in the closet in what will be the nursery. (Which is what has been my office/nap room!)
On another note, I took out my belly button ring last night. I feel kind of naked without it . . . I've had it for 10 years, and even though no one really ever saw it, I was so used to seeing it that it kind of seems weird without it.

Ugly Shoes

Carlos made me look at ugly shoes today. After 5 years of marriage to a guy who usually won't let me even LOOK at flats and definitely prefers 3+ inch heels (as do I), today was shocking.

I know I'm pregnant, and people keep telling me, "You'll stop wearing those high heels soon!" But I don't care. I still want to wear cute shoes. I cannot stand an entire winter in ugly shoes - summer would be easy - flip flops and cute sandals. But winter? That's boot season. And what 5'0" girl is going to look good in flat boots?!?!?

To be honest, I don't really like winter shoes to begin with. I'd much prefer a strappy sandal to a boot. But I don't live in Florida anymore and I do need some winter-appropriate shoes. Any suggestions??? Do I REALLY need to wear flats just because I am pregnant???

What I Wore Wednesday - Hiding the Baby Bump

So I haven't linked up with The Pleated Poppy in quite a few weeks. Actually I've been napping. Plus my clothes have been frustrating rather than fun as I have been trying to hide my new baby bump for as long as I can. That's right - a little Carlos or Courtney will be here in May (God help us all!) I'm 10 weeks and I am really starting to show (and have been for a while) - I attribute it to the fact that I'm only 5'0" and there isn't really anywhere else for a baby to go than out.
So, back to WIWW, I thought I would go back and see what pictures I had actually taken in the last few weeks and see what I had. Recently, I haven't been too good at getting the pictures taken.
The first few weeks were easy:

And in those first few weeks I exhausted my "easy" clothes options.
The next set of pictures was okay:

Although that last picture leaves much to be desired.
Then came the not-so-great. Now, I was comfy, believe me, but I wasn…

The Cat's Out of the Bag

Well, it seems that now it is public knowledge that I am pregnant! I am 10 weeks and my due date is on May 16, 2011. We are excited - and nervous - and glad that we have 7 months to prepare!

We are not going to find out the gender of the baby, which shocks and upsets some people, but we don't care. I want the "It's a ______!" moment and I am willing to wait for it.

I haven't been sick (thankfully), but I have been completely and totally exhausted. My routine is this: school, nap (2-3 hours), eat, watch 1-2 TV shows with the hubby, then sleep. Then it starts all over the next day!

I've been blogging about the pregnancy from the beginning, but I'm just publishing those posts now so if you are interested, check out all posts with the tag: pregnancy and read from the bottom up!

Sometimes it takes a while to sink in . . .

Today we told Carlos' parents about the pregnancy. Our cute way of doing that was we wrapped up a newborn onesie and gave it to his mom. Well, Carlos' niece is also pregnant, so his mom thought we were giving her the onesie to give to her. Then Carlos pulled out the sonogram pictures and she "oohed" and "aahed" over them and then said, "How did you get these?" She thought it was the niece's sonogram pics! Carlos just looked at her, and FINALLY . . .

Publish Post

Surprise! :)

Our First Prediction

We are in Florida and yesterday we went to the Flea Market on 192. We were looking at a booth of knock-off designer purses and bags and the Asian woman working the booth told me that I needed a diaper bag.

That was the first incident of someone saying something to me about being pregnant - it was strange. Then the other woman (also Asian) told me I was having a boy. Hmmm . . . I guess we are already taking predictions.

Well, the predictions will have to go on for a LONG time because we have decided not to find out the gender of the baby before it is born. So let the guessing games begin!!