A Week in Another Woman's Wardrobe

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So this week, my friend Nicole volunteered to let me borrow a bunch of her clothes - I was so excited - she dresses so cute! :) Some things worked out great, some things not so much - here is the nitty gritty:

Failed Outfits

#1 - I am larger around the "bottom" than Nicole is, so this outfit seemed to accentuate all the wrong things. Even though she included some adorable accessories, I didn't wear this outfit out. (I did wear the earrings several times with other outfits though!)

#2 - Because of the tie on the skirt, I didn't feel like this shirt looked good with the skirt. I felt it added more bulk than I needed, and since people already ask me if I'm pregnant all the time (see posts here and here), I decided to avoid it altogether. I did break up this outfit below and I ended up wearing both pieces separately.

Worked as separates - combined with my own clothes

#3 - Separated, I LOVED both these pieces. I have been buying lots of green, but this shirt convinced me to start looking for a yellow shirt to wear with jeans!

#4 - I loved this skirt - it was lined and super comfortable. I paired it with a simpler shirt to take away focus from the bulk of the belt/tie.

Complete successes!!!

#5 - This was my absolute favorite outfit!!! I loved it so much that I looked for the dress (from Ann Taylor Loft) online (both on the store site and ebay) to buy! Unfortunately, I couldn't find it. Nicole paired it with a "Arty Cardy" from Old Navy - I felt so cute in this outfit! It matched perfectly with my silver flats!!!

#6 - This outfit is not something I would normally buy and wear - although I can't put my finger on why I wouldn't . . . maybe the color? However, I got TONS of compliments on this outfit. Maybe I should wear pink more often . . .

Nowhere to wear

I LOVED this navy and white striped dress, but Carlos (who is not only my fashion adviser but also the fashion police) thought it was too "sexy" for school. Since I pretty much only go to church and school, I didn't have anywhere to wear it. BUT - I will keep this in mind if I ever have anyplace I can wear it!!!! :) I tried it MANY different ways - any opinions on which is best?

#7 - This is the dress with its original navy belt.

#8 - Trying it with red flats.

#9 - Red belt? Too Wonder-Woman-y??? Carlos tells me a red belt makes it look "hoochier" (is that a word?)

#10 - With a black patent belt (I liked this option because I could wear this belt looser, since the original belt had only one size option - and I HATE tight belts!)

Okay - so that was my week in another woman's wardrobe. It was interesting, and some things that Nicole can pull off I can't, and some things I just had to adjust to make it fit my body and personality. All in all I would say this was a successful experiment!

The one time I broke away from her clothes was for Carlos' 40th birthday party. I have been saving this dress for the occasion:


Beth said…
love all the outfits... so nice of your friend to let you borrow her clothes. Love the 40th bday dress...really pretty.
Jenny said…
How fun to get to borrow those clothes! I LOVE that navy dress with the belts. Love love love it!!
Susanne said…
what a great friend! i actually like the "failed" outfit--the white blouse and red skirt. and i love the dress that you didn't wear--it is definitely not too sexy to wear to school and does not look "hoochie" in the least!!
Wow, I've never had a friend let me borrow clothes. How fun...it's like doubling your wardrobe. I love how you showed the process....very cute! Lisa~
Jenna said…
I think the belt from #10 and the shoes from #8 would be very school-appropriate. Although maybe there's some "hoochiness" about it that doesn't come through in the photos? Because I don't think it's too sexy for school at all. I actually think it would look pretty professional. It's so great you got to try out someone else's wardrobe... it's like getting new clothes for free!
JBCHAP930 said…
I like #9 with the red belt. It stands out but not too much.
courtneyricole said…
My friend is VERY generous! I am lucky to be the recipient of her generosity! This was a fun week! :)

The navy dress is much more fitted than it looks in the picture, and the neck, although it looks like a simple v-neck, has buttons and button-holes to look like it is "unbuttoned" - I probably could have gotten away with it, but it was vetoed by the hubby. :)
Katie said…
I love that dress -- don't think it's too sexy for school at all!!
Kathleen said…
Brilliant idea to closet swap! The Ann Taylor Loft dress is stunning and your other outfits were great as well. Thanks for sharing.
Justine said…
Great idea to swap clothes with your friend. Now you can combine different pieces together :)

I like #10 the best, but with flats works out great too!

Just Better Together
Michele said…
You look so cute in your outfits! #5 is my fave, too. I have that "Arty Carty" from Old Navy in a different color. My husband, Mark, acts as the fashion police when it comes to outfits being appropriate or not. BTW, "hoochier" Yes, we've used that word before :) I'm still cracking up that you wrote that, ha!
Mommy Moxie said…
I agree, I don't think the dress is hoochie at all and I love it with the red belt and heels! I think it would be hoochie if it were mid-thigh, but right above the knee is perfect.
carlosvf said…
The dress wasn't full blown "hoochie" or stripper/call girl...esque. It was more "naughty Librarian". It was tight around the bust-line, with the one too many buttons "unbuttoned" (purposely sown that way) so it accentuated cleavage. Also, it was way to tight around the "hips", not appropriate professional attire for bending and kneeling over desk in a room full of sex crazed teenage boys. Too much "Joan Harris" not enough "Betty Draper"... But if you're the young, new, single girl at the office that wants to get "noticed" then yeah that's the perfect dress.

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