Labor Day Laziness - What I Wore

I had a WONDERFUL Labor Day weekend! It involved a LOT of relaxation, time with my hubby, time with friends, and some work in the yard. So this edition of "What I Wore Wednesday" is MUCH more casual than most weeks are!

First, last Thursday and this Tuesday at school:

After MANY comments on the navy dress last week, I wore it to school!
This is my friend Nicole's dress - I'm not sure where it is from.
I put my belt and shoes with it though.

White shirt - Target
Brown plaid pants - Target
Clogs - hand-me-down from my friend Vicki

Now for the casual weekend clothes. These clothes were worn running errands for the building of a chicken coop (more on that here) and to my friend's farm (see here). All other times I was in pjs or grubby work clothes at the house.

Outfit #1:
Shirt and shorts from Goodwill. I like them both, but not together after seeing this picture. Also, the shirt hangs kind of funny - and looks like a maternity shirt. I can't ever figure out what to where it with. It might end up back at the Goodwill.

Outfit #2: The farm outfit
Jean capris: Daisy Fuentes from Kohls
Tank Top: Old Navy (from Goodwill)
Jacket: Banana Republic Outlet
Brown flip-flops: Ross

Outfit #3:
Shirt: Target (can't remember if it was bought at Target or Goodwill)
Pants: hand-me-downs from my friend Vicki
Same brown flip-flops

Okay, so that brings me to today:

tank: Daisy Fuentes from Kohls
Dress: Goodwill
Shoes: Madden Girl
Necklace: Lia Sophia

I don't have that much outstanding jewelry, but I always get compliments on this necklace so I thought I'd take a close-up!

I think next week I'm going to try to actually DO my hair every day instead of wear it in a pony-tail or up in a clip wet. We'll see how it goes! 7:15 is entirely too early to be anywhere!

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Ann said…
ooo, the gray dress and red love love! fits you to a T!
Abby said…
Love that necklage! Gorgeous!
Mommy Moxie said…
Yes, the necklace is wonderful and glad to see you wore that navy dress to school because you look GREAT in it!
Katie said…
So glad you decided to wear that navy dress!! And LOVE the red flats with it :)

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