Guess What?

FYI: I'm writing this as it happens, but I won't post it until I announce this publicly . . . so this will be an old post by the time anyone gets to read it, but I wanted to write about it anyway!

We went to Alabama this weekend to see my sister and her family. Her kids are all involved in a variety of activities. . . On Friday night, we went to the local high school football game to watch my niece, Leeana, play in the marching band. Saturday morning was filled with (very hot) soccer games for Benjamin and Brock. However, the true purpose of going to Alabama was to share the news of my pregnancy!

I had it all planned out. I wanted to tell them in a creative way, so I searched for some ideas online. I decided I was going to gather them for a family picture, and then, instead of "Say Cheese" I would say, "Say Courtney is having a baby!" then be able to snap a picture of their first responses.

They just said it and smiled! Rana said later that she was thinking, "That's a dumb thing to say when you are taking a picture!" Turns out, they didn't believe me. Rana said, "Nuh-uh," to which I responded, "Uh-huh!" Then I got this picture:

Still not the response I was expecting, but everyone was tired after the football game (where the home team lost). Once it sunk in, they were excited, which I guess is what matters.


Karissa said…
Really creative! I'm sure they were excited once it sunk in.
carlosvf said…
I love the shock on Leeanna's face.

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