Chicken Adventures: Part 1

We have chickens
But right now they are homeless. They need a chicken coop. It sounds like a Farmville request on Facebook, but this is for real! We have had a tree house in the backyard since we bought our house. At first we thought it was a hunting stand, but were told by neighbors it had been built as a tree house for the kids who lived their 20+ years ago.
Carlos decided it would be perfect to convert into a chicken coop, but first he had to get it out of the tree.
Once it was on its roof, it had to be transported to its destination - at the BACK of the yard!
With the help of a neighbor, Carlos drove it to the back of the yard and attempted all types of physics to get it right side up.
No matter what they did, the treehouse just didn't want to right itself. They decided to leave it on its side. Carlos told me he is going to take it apart and rebuild it. I guess that will be Part 2 of this adventure!


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