What I Wore Wednesday

After becoming intrigued by the "What I Wore Wednesday" feature on The Pleated Poppy, I decided to give it a go. Today was my FIRST day back to work, and it was full of teacher inservice meetings, including the big Convocation for all teachers in the county. Attire is professional. I love the beginning of school, partly because I have a reason to dress up! :)

My WWIW includes only ONE outfit this week as I've only been back to work one day. . . just getting my feet wet this time.

Dress - Ann Taylor (bought at Goodwill)
Jacket - Old Navy
Shoes - Shoe Carnival
Scarf - ????


Kristin said…
Cute! Very summery - keep going!
Paige said…
Very cute...can't believe you have to get that dressed up on the first day back!!! We don't go back til next week but it is shorts and tees for us...

you look beautiful though!
Justine said…
Very cute! Keep it going :)
Michele said…
Very cute! I'm a teacher and we will be back in two weeks. I kind of look forward to choosing outfits for work since I keep it pretty casual in the summer. I will admit that it's sometimes pretty casual at work, too :) Have a great school year!

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