What I Wore Wednesday: My Favorite Fashion Blogs

So this is the third week I have linked up with The Pleated Poppy's WWIW fashion fun! It is interesting to see what other people are wearing, and you also get a glimpse into their lives from their pictures/blogs. :) Go check out the others that have linked up.

While I'm sharing blogs, I will share two other clothes-related blogs that I love. As those who know me personally know, I love vintage fashion. I adore anything mid-century modern! Enter GLEE! Well, not the show actually, but the style of the school counselor Emma Pillsbury. And wouldn't you know it, but someone created a blog to showcase her style at WWEPW - otherwise known as What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear! It's lots of fun, especially if you watch the show! (Thank you to my bff Bethany for sharing this site with me!)

Another blog hero of mine is the No-Pants lady. Not to be confused with the No-Pants phenomenon that takes place in NYC once a year, Kathleen has challenged herself to a year with no pants - meaning only skirts and dresses. And she blogs about it. As a fellow-skirt loving woman, I applaud her. She is great.

Now to what I wore:

Thursday, another day at school.
First day wearing a skirt instead of a dress:

Flowered shirt: Charlotte Russe
Blue skirt: Madison (Clearance rack at Belk!)
Belt: VERY old Aigner belt that was my mom's
Shoes: Crocs (not as cute as the t-strap Madden's I wore last week, but much more comfortable for standing all day!)
Tail end of my beagle "Roxy"

Friday: Spirit Day, aka "the day I am forced to dress like a bum"

Shirt: NHS t-shirt given to the faculty
Pants: (handed down from friend Vicki)
Shoes: Crocs

See how happy I am for Spirit Day??? I play along because I don't want to be the only teacher not dressed in "Spirit Clothes," but really! Other teachers beg for this day as a means to wear jeans. But I couldn't fathom wearing jeans in 100+ degree weather! Seriously, Emma Pillsbury never has to wear school t-shirts to school!!!

Also note that there is a grammatical error on the shirt - no apostrophe in the word Its - as an English teacher, that's enough to drive me to the loony bin!

Saturday: All day in pajamas (no picture of that!) and then church

Dress: Old Navy (clearance rack, baby!)
Silver flats: Tahari (TJ Maxx)
Earrings: Beya (jewelry store in Orlando)

I am hoping that this dress looks better in person than it does in a picture. It pretty much is a shapeless dress, which seems to be the problem.

Sunday: Church and Small Group

Navy Dress: Mossimo (Target)
Jacket: Apt 9 (Kohls)
Red flats: Zigisoho (DSW)

Another rather shapeless dress, but it is one of my faves. Maybe the problem is the jacket? Hmmm . . .

Monday: School

Dress: Adrianna Papell (Ross)
Shoes: Nickels (some shoe store that was called something like Shoe Barn, Shoe Outlet or something)
Beagle: Peachy (for more pics of my beagles, go here)

Tuesday: School (outfit #1), Errands (outfit #2)

Dress: Liz Claiborne dress that I have had since HIGH SCHOOL!
It is my dad's favorite dress, and he works at the same school as I do. Today was picture day, and we had our picture taken together -
Awwww, sweet, I know!
Shoes: Madden girl (DSW)

Shirt: Banana Republic (unsure if this was bought at the outlet or Goodwill)
Pants: Tracy Evans Limited (Handed down from Vicki)
Silver flats: Tahari (TJ Maxx)

Wednesday: School
(Are you sensing a pattern here? My days are not that exciting!)

Dress: Madison Petite (Belk - clearance, less than $10!)
Shoes: Candies (Kohls)

Whew! What a week! Thanks for stopping by!


Paige said…
Hey--when you go to picnik...go to collages...and then change columns to 5 (or however many you want)....


Michele said…
I'm a teacher, too. I have a love/hate relationship with spirit shirt Fridays. Cute outfits!
Morgan said…
You have adorable style and I LOOOVE that you wore your dad's favorite dress and took pictures with him. That could not be any cuter!

I, also, love vintage and mid-century. My wardrobe is filled with the first and my home with the latter! :)

PS Thanks for visiting my blog!! :)
bwilson79 said…
I love your outfits! You look adorable as always. We have spirit shirt day tomorrow. I don't have a shirt yet, so I'm wearing awesome skinny jeans and a blue shirt. I will try to buy a shirt at some point during the day. Miss you, friend! Thanks for the shout out. The WWEPW blog is awesome. I need to do this outfit thing because I have been BRINGING IT with my school outfits lately...if I do say myself. :)
Design A-Peele said…
girl, you made the bum day at school so cute with your wedges!

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