What I Wore Wednesday, aka: A Shoe Crisis Averted

Okay, first things first: I had a shoe crisis this week. Carlos was away at "Man Camp" (our church's annual men's retreat) and he is my main fashion advisor. I always go to him with a different shoe on each foot or a different earring in each ear to find out which one looks best. Well, on Thursday night when I was picking out my outfit for Friday, he wasn't here! So I took pics to text to him. And I said something about my dilemma on facebook. Which led to posting pictures to get advice from everyone. So here is the Shoe Crisis, and what I eventually wore to school on Friday:

Green shirt: Banana Republic outlet
White skirt: Target
White shoes: Candies
1st brown shoes: Crocs
2nd brown shoes: Madden Girl t-straps
I wore the Maddens - Crisis averted!

Now on to the rest of the week:

Yellow shirt: Banana Republic outlet
Navy/white skirt: Old Navy (bought at Goodwill)
Brown crocs

I wore my Tahari silver flats a LOT this week - and Tuesday was the first day I wore flats to school. Students have been asking me when I wasn't going to wear heels. I told them they would be shocked at how short I was in flats (5'0"). They were. . . . it's always funny to me how much they notice!

Now on to my favorite outfit of the week:

Sweater: American Eagle (bought at Goodwill)
Green tank: Old Navy
Brown skirt: Ann Taylor Loft
Brown Crocs
Flower pin: ???
Earrings: Made by my niece and given to me as a gift :)


Katie said…
Good choice with the brown sandals!
Cute! I love your Old Navy Skirt!
Mitz said…
I love your Saturday church outfit, super cute! My husband is my consultant too! :)
Kathleen said…
Perfect shoe choice! That flower pin is adorable. So original.
syllatham said…
Cute crocs, how are they on the feet? I teach as well and Im always on the lookout for comfy cute shoes. Love your flower pin and Cute outfits.
courtneyricole said…
I vowed to never wear crocs, but these are cute and very comfortable! Definitely worth it! They are great for school!
Mommy Moxie said…
Excellent choice on the t-straps. They added to the outfit :)

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