So this week, my parents cleaned out a storage space and I had to go through boxes of my old books and toys. I got so excited seeing things I remember from childhood - here's a quick run-down: My "Little Miss/Little Mr." books, a Mon-chichi (girl), Gizmo (from Gremlins), Care Bears, Cabbage Patch Kids"birth certificates", and my favorite: My "Get-in-Shape-Girl" set - including leotards, legwarmers, weights, and a head band (to catch all that sweat!).

I also found a book that I was given for Christmas that was titled All About Me - and it is interesting to compare the 8-year-old me to the 30-something year old me. Some things just don't change.

There is a page in the book with "special traits" that I checked off which ones described me. Here are the ones that I checked off at age 8: I am loud; I love attention. I am daring; I take chances. I am friendly; I love a crowd. I am very active. Let's go jogging. So all of that still applies, although now I would probably check off the "I am lazy; bed suits me best" instead of the active one.

What's interesting is my perception of myself at age 8. I checked that "I'm messy . . . but lovable" while I know for a fact that I have always been very neat and organized. I wonder why I thought I was messy. I also checked off that "I always try to help others" -- but that probably wasn't true. Even now if I am honest I would have to check "I am usually too busy to bother."

Also, just because I know you are dying to know, here are what I listed as a few of my "favorites" - along with comments from my 30-something year old self.

Favorite name - Bridget (And later in life my favorite book/movie was Bridget Jones' Diary)
Favorite sport: Basketball (This is just laughable. I have always been too short to play basketball - plus I am completely non-athletic and come from a long line of non-athletic people!)
Favorite team: Eagles (Aww, now I teach at Northside High School and can cheer the Eagles on for a living!)
Favorite musical group: The Monkees (yes, I watched the Monkees TV show and seriously thought that they were current. I had a mad crush on Davy Jones and still go see him when he performs at the Flower Power concerts at Epcot!)
Favorite type of food: Sub sandwich (In particular that would be a sub from Sub Station II, which is now closed in my town. It makes me very sad as I loved #9 on the menu!)
Favorite drink: Dr Pepper (which I now despise)
Favorite movie: Back to the Future
Favorite movie star: Kirk Cameron (Was he ever a movie star? This is interesting to me because many couples from my church just went to his marriage conference/event this weekend!)
Favorite place in the world: England (A place I have still never been, but this simply proves that I have always been an Anglophile!)
Favorite TV Show: Full House (partly because I had a crush on John Stamos!)

It asked about pets you would like to have someday, and I listed a seal, a horse, and a bear cub. It appears that I have always had some issues with reality.

And finally, under "Things I'd like to do someday" I listed people I would like to meet. Here is the list: the Monkees, Jesus, Kirk Cameron, John Stamos, Ralph Macchio, Tom Cruise, Michael J. Fox and Henry Winkler (Fonzie). I find it interesting that the Monkees came before Jesus. Also, you can see from this list who I had a little-girl crush on!


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