3 dresses, 1 day

So even though What I Wore Wednesday is coming up tomorrow, today's fashion adventure is too much - it deserves its own post!

This is the week that I have been borrowing my friend Nicole's clothes. Today I was going to wear the cutest dress ever - but I didn't try it on before this morning. Well, as I was about to walk out the door, my husband told me that it was too short for work and that I shouldn't wear it. It was a bit short and the neckline showed a little more than I probably should show as well. It is super cute and I will probably ask to borrow it again if I have a non-work event to wear it to!

You be the judge:

So, I changed into dress #2 in a hurry. I grabbed a dress that matched the earrings and shoes I was already wearing. This is not the best pic of me, but my beagle, Roxy is so cute!! Anyway, here it is:

Well, the dress was fine while I was standing, but driving to school, I realized that the ribbon above the waist was pretty tight across my ribcage. I was going to be sitting in a training (in front of a computer) all day, so I started to stress a bit about it. Plus, I wasn't going home after school because we had Open House. By the time we went to lunch (yay! We actually got to go off-campus for lunch!), I was seriously uncomfortable! We ate at a Mexican restaurant, and after lunch, I was very full and satisfied, but that made my dress even tighter! I was nearing a panic attack when my co-worker suggested we go into the consignment store across the street. Although I'm sure she was joking, we still had time so I jumped at the opportunity to get out of that uncomfortable dress!!!

Long story short (I know, too late, right?), I found a dress (that matched my shoes and earrings), tried it on, and walked out of the consignment store in it.

Comfortable at last!!! (Please note that I was just getting home from a 14-hour day when this picture was taken!)

Maybe I was a little bit TOO comfortable, because after lunch, I saw one of my Assistant Principals in the office at school, and she asked me if I was PREGNANT!!! Just so you know, I am NOT. Hmm. . . . this is not the first time this has happened!

Also interesting to note, even though I went to lunch in one outfit and returned in another, most people did not even take notice. Only two people in the training noticed! So maybe it doesn't even matter what I wear! All this drama for nothing! :)

Oh well, at least it makes a good story!


Justine said…
Wearing a dress gives people the impression that you're pregnant?! Funny.

Cute dress though! And they do NOT make you look at all pregnant.

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