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3 dresses, 1 day

So even though What I Wore Wednesday is coming up tomorrow, today's fashion adventure is too much - it deserves its own post!

This is the week that I have been borrowing my friend Nicole's clothes. Today I was going to wear the cutest dress ever - but I didn't try it on before this morning. Well, as I was about to walk out the door, my husband told me that it was too short for work and that I shouldn't wear it. It was a bit short and the neckline showed a little more than I probably should show as well. It is super cute and I will probably ask to borrow it again if I have a non-work event to wear it to!

You be the judge:

So, I changed into dress #2 in a hurry. I grabbed a dress that matched the earrings and shoes I was already wearing. This is not the best pic of me, but my beagle, Roxy is so cute!! Anyway, here it is:

Well, the dress was fine while I was standing, but driving to school, I realized that the ribbon above the waist was pretty tight across my ri…


So this week, my parents cleaned out a storage space and I had to go through boxes of my old books and toys. I got so excited seeing things I remember from childhood - here's a quick run-down: My "Little Miss/Little Mr." books, a Mon-chichi (girl), Gizmo (from Gremlins), Care Bears, Cabbage Patch Kids"birth certificates", and my favorite: My "Get-in-Shape-Girl" set - including leotards, legwarmers, weights, and a head band (to catch all that sweat!).

I also found a book that I was given for Christmas that was titled All About Me - and it is interesting to compare the 8-year-old me to the 30-something year old me. Some things just don't change.

There is a page in the book with "special traits" that I checked off which ones described me. Here are the ones that I checked off at age 8: I am loud; I love attention. I am daring; I take chances. I am friendly; I love a crowd. I am very active. Let's go jogging. So all of that stil…

What I Wore Wednesday, aka: A Shoe Crisis Averted

Okay, first things first: I had a shoe crisis this week. Carlos was away at "Man Camp" (our church's annual men's retreat) and he is my main fashion advisor. I always go to him with a different shoe on each foot or a different earring in each ear to find out which one looks best. Well, on Thursday night when I was picking out my outfit for Friday, he wasn't here! So I took pics to text to him. And I said something about my dilemma on facebook. Which led to posting pictures to get advice from everyone. So here is the Shoe Crisis, and what I eventually wore to school on Friday:

Green shirt: Banana Republic outlet
White skirt: Target
White shoes: Candies
1st brown shoes: Crocs
2nd brown shoes: Madden Girl t-straps
I wore the Maddens - Crisis averted!

Now on to the rest of the week:

Yellow shirt: Banana Republic outlet
Navy/white skirt: Old Navy (bought at Goodwill)
Brown crocs
I wore my Tahari silver flats a LOT this week - and Tuesday was the first day I w…

Cluttered Thoughts

Last week at my church, Jennifer Cowart preached on the fact that people are either talkers, feelers, thinkers, or doers. I am a DOER with a side of talker. I have NO feeler or thinker attributes. This is not always a good combination. For example, throughout my life, I have DONE many things without thinking. This has led to many problems. Maybe not problems, but certainly consequences!

Another issue is that when I feel like my head is "cluttered," I have a hard time thinking through everything. I just want to DO. I can only describe it as having "cluttered thoughts." Usually I have too much to do and can't really keep things straight. Instead of thinking through it all, prioritizing, etc., it makes me want to clean out physical clutter in my life. So here I am, too many things to do already, and I'm cleaning out closets and such. Instead of being productive (which I love), I am just running around like a chicken with my head cut off!

I'm …

What I Wore Wednesday: My Favorite Fashion Blogs

So this is the third week I have linked up with The Pleated Poppy's WWIW fashion fun! It is interesting to see what other people are wearing, and you also get a glimpse into their lives from their pictures/blogs. :) Go check out the others that have linked up.

While I'm sharing blogs, I will share two other clothes-related blogs that I love. As those who know me personally know, I love vintage fashion. I adore anything mid-century modern! Enter GLEE! Well, not the show actually, but the style of the school counselor Emma Pillsbury. And wouldn't you know it, but someone created a blog to showcase her style at WWEPW - otherwise known as What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear! It's lots of fun, especially if you watch the show! (Thank you to my bff Bethany for sharing this site with me!)

Another blog hero of mine is the No-Pants lady. Not to be confused with the No-Pants phenomenon that takes place in NYC once a year, Kathleen has challenged herself to a year with no …