Warner Robins Must Do List

1. Georgia Bob's BBQ
Yes, it's in a gas station on Houston Lake Road, but it is also the best BBQ in the area! Even though I'm not necessarily a BBQ fan, their chicken salad is delish and folks for miles rave about the BBQ. If you just can't stand to get BBQ at the gas station, you can enjoy the same food at their sit-down restaurant in Byron, one exit away on Interstate 75.

2. The Museum of Aviation
Okay, so I don't think I've actually been to the Museum of Aviation; if I have, it was when I was a (very) small child. Even though I'm not a big fan of planes, I can appreciate that it is a big deal. Especially if you like planes.

3. Northside Eagles v. Warner Robins Demons football game
In a town where high school football rules, this is THE game of the year. Even if you don't like football (like me), this game between the 40+ year rivals is the event of the season. Even if the teams are in different leagues, this city championship is still played every year out of tradition - and its outcome is more important than the season GHSA games around here. Experience the real Friday Night Lights at McConnell Talbert Stadium. And by the way, Go Eagles!

4. Roadside Boiled Peanuts
Okay, so this might not be a Warner Robins, thing, but it is still a must-do simply because they are just so yummy!!!

Alright - there's my list. I'm sure I've left off some "must-do" items. Feel free to add your own "must-do" as a comment.


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