Never Say Never

I've been told to never say never, but of course, like everyone else, I have done that. . . and been shown to be incorrect.

Here is my list of things I said I would never do that I have done:
1. Get divorced
2. Move back to Warner Robins
3. Own a pair of crocs (they started making cute wedges!)

I can only think of these three - I'm sure my mother can tell me all kinds of things I said I would never do and have done!!!! :)

And here is my current top 10 list of things that I promise to never do:
1. Have professional maternity pictures taken
2. Throw an elaborate birthday party for a 1-year-old baby
3. Raise kids in WR (or any town where their citizenship might be questioned because of the color of their skin)
4. Become a school administrator
5. Own a Coach purse
6. Own a gun
7. Have a TV in the bedroom
8. Put my parents in a nursing home
9. Own a cat (this one should be easy since I'm allergic!)
10. Buy a brand new car

So, am I just creating a list of predictions? We shall see. :)


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