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Never Say Never

I've been told to never say never, but of course, like everyone else, I have done that. . . and been shown to be incorrect.

Here is my list of things I said I would never do that I have done:
1. Get divorced
2. Move back to Warner Robins
3. Own a pair of crocs (they started making cute wedges!)

I can only think of these three - I'm sure my mother can tell me all kinds of things I said I would never do and have done!!!! :)

And here is my current top 10 list of things that I promise to never do:
1. Have professional maternity pictures taken
2. Throw an elaborate birthday party for a 1-year-old baby
3. Raise kids in WR (or any town where their citizenship might be questioned because of the color of their skin)
4. Become a school administrator
5. Own a Coach purse
6. Own a gun
7. Have a TV in the bedroom
8. Put my parents in a nursing home
9. Own a cat (this one should be easy since I'm allergic!)
10. Buy a brand new car

So, am I just creating a list of predictions? We shal…

Warner Robins Must Do List

1. Georgia Bob's BBQ
Yes, it's in a gas station on Houston Lake Road, but it is also the best BBQ in the area! Even though I'm not necessarily a BBQ fan, their chicken salad is delish and folks for miles rave about the BBQ. If you just can't stand to get BBQ at the gas station, you can enjoy the same food at their sit-down restaurant in Byron, one exit away on Interstate 75.

2. The Museum of Aviation
Okay, so I don't think I've actually been to the Museum of Aviation; if I have, it was when I was a (very) small child. Even though I'm not a big fan of planes, I can appreciate that it is a big deal. Especially if you like planes.

3. Northside Eagles v. Warner Robins Demons football game
In a town where high school football rules, this is THE game of the year. Even if you don't like football (like me), this game between the 40+ year rivals is the event of the season. Even if the teams are in different leagues, this city championship is still played…

Happily Ever After

An interesting quote from a book I'm reading by John Ortberg:
In the Bible, marriage is not the fulfillment of our dreams; it is a place where we learn.
This is the most freeing statement. . .

Disney has totally ruined us for marriage. We are trained to believe in "happily ever after" and get very upset when life doesn't turn out like a fairy tale. But Disney starts the credits at the wedding, and in real life, after the wedding life is still, well, life. Problems happen, people get sick, and conflicts arise. Although now, instead of trying to figure things out on your own, you have two people with different backgrounds, personalities, and perspectives trying to figure things out together. It's certainly not a recipe for "happily ever after"!

Adam and Eve even had major issues, and if they couldn't figure out how to live happily ever after in the Garden of Eden, then there isn't much hope for anyone else.

Marriage is so much BIGGER than just …