I do not like criticism . . . this is mostly because I do not like failure, and criticism (even the constructive kind), makes me feel like I have failed.

Add to that a spouse who is a critic - not in a bad way, but who just enjoys observation, analysis, and judgment. He wants things to be done in the best possible way (often these things are subjective, but sometimes not). Therefore, he often offers constructive criticism that I usually take as simply criticism.

When confronted with criticism (even the constructive kind), I get defensive. VERY defensive. Most (ok, probably all) of our fights stem from this very situation.

I have always thought it was okay for me to get defensive - how else could I defend myself?? ESPECIALLY if I disagree with the criticism. However, I'm beginning to think I'm wrong (that's right - read it again, I said it!) :)

When reading Luke 10:40-42, I wonder if Mary tried to offer Martha constructive criticism. If so, I'm sure she wished she would have heeded that advice so that she didn't have to be admonished by Jesus Himself.

Ephesians 4:15 states that we should speak the truth in love to one another so that we can "grow up into Him who is the Head, that is, Christ."

What if God, in his infinite wisdom, placed me in this marriage so that I could grow in this area? Not only in being able to take criticism, but in other areas. Certainly my husband knows me better than anyone else and sees me at both my best and worst. If he isn't able to see my blind spots, then who is???

If God wants to use my husband to facilitate my spiritual growth, them who am I to get defensive????


Angela said…
Wow!! Isn't it amazing the way God uses the bible to show us what should have been obvious all along!! Great Blog:O)

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