A new discipline

So I have been hesitant to "announce" this plan of mine, for fear that I won't have the discipline it takes to follow through. But accountability is always a good thing, and I'm not gonna win a prize either way, so here goes. :)

I have decided to try not to buy any NEW clothes this year. I know we are only in March, but so far, so good. The only exception (hopefully obviously) is underclothes and shoes. I'm not doing this for any grand reason except that I have plenty of clothes (2 closets full) and I don't need to spend the money on new ones. Goodwill/consignment stores/etc. help fill that need for something "new" in my wardrobe, and I'm continually paring down my closet with donations to Goodwill of clothes I no longer wear. I'm hoping by the end of the year, my closet will contain only the clothes I really love and wear, and then I'll be able to take inventory of the plan for 2011.

Being able to buy shoes is my saving grace. I'm obsessed right now with finding the perfect red shoe, and believe me, that is no easy task. I'm looking for a great pair of red patent heels that will go with jeans or dresses. I'm not having much luck, but I did find a great pair of red patent flats last night for a great price!

The true test of this discipline will be our trip to Orlando in a few weeks, as that is where I love to shop - outlets galore! I'm planning on visiting a few consignment stores in the area for clothes, and hopefully I'll find those elusive red shoes at the outlet stores!


Karissa Sorrell said…
Good luck girl! Actually I've found some great stuff at Goodwill and consignment stores before!

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