My babies

These are our babies:

Seriously . . . we take more pictures of them than people probably take of their kids. And all they do is sleep really! But they are so CUTE when they sleep! I have taken over 40 pictures of them this month. I probably have over a thousand pictures of them total -- all neatly stored on my computer.

Roxy, my spoiled baby. . . I've had her since she was a puppy and I have spoiled her rotten. She even sleeps with me under the covers at night. It's sad really, but I love her so much!

Peachy, my rescue beagle. I believe she may have been a hunting dog that was abandoned because she wasn't too bright. But she is so lovable and must more easygoing than Roxy. She is devoted to Carlos, but will cuddle with me if he's not available.


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