Money, Money, Money

Capitalism is by no means the only system that God approves of, as He has worked throughout history in whatever economic systems exist. However, the Bible clearly says that the poor will always be with us, and that we should care for them. So that fact is true regardless.

I can only bless those that God puts in my path, but if my government can use a portion of my income (which is paid by tax payer dollars btw) to help the poor on a large scale, who am I to complain, as that is fulfilling a command of Jesus Christ? I'm not saying that our government (or any government) does this perfectly, but if Christians and churches are not taking care of the poor, orphans, and widows as commanded in the Bible, someone has to do it!

Jesus also said, "Render unto Caesar what is Caesars" - even in His day, the religious folks wanted Him to be against taxes, but He wasn't. Even Jesus paid taxes. Of course, he got his money for taxes out of the mouth of a fish! (Even I could get into fishing if I could find money that way!)

The bottom line for me is this: I don't put my trust in ANY government or economic system. I put my trust in the God of the Universe -- everything else is just details that will constantly change until He returns.


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