The Gospels

So after a challenge from Pastor Jim to read through the entire New Testament this week, I have just finished reading through the Gospels. Reading all four books in succession really was an interesting venture. I realized that I don't understand a lot of the Gospels, even after 30 years of reading them and hearing them preached. I don't understand what made Jesus so revolutionary - why did people want to kill him? I mean, I understand that the Pharisees were upset that Jesus claimed to be God, but weren't they waiting and watching for the Messiah? We envision Jesus to be such a "nice guy," but no one plots to kill a nice guy.

After hearing Ray Vander Laan speak, I realize that my lack of understanding may come from the fact that I simply don't understand the cultural world of the Gospels. Trying to understand Jesus from an American perspective just isn't very effective. After I complete this task of reading the New Testament, I am going to read the book by Ray Vander Laan, Echoes of His Presence, which I hope will help me understand the Gospels more fully.


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