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Money, Money, Money

Capitalism is by no means the only system that God approves of, as He has worked throughout history in whatever economic systems exist. However, the Bible clearly says that the poor will always be with us, and that we should care for them. So that fact is true regardless.

I can only bless those that God puts in my path, but if my government can use a portion of my income (which is paid by tax payer dollars btw) to help the poor on a large scale, who am I to complain, as that is fulfilling a command of Jesus Christ? I'm not saying that our government (or any government) does this perfectly, but if Christians and churches are not taking care of the poor, orphans, and widows as commanded in the Bible, someone has to do it!

Jesus also said, "Render unto Caesar what is Caesars" - even in His day, the religious folks wanted Him to be against taxes, but He wasn't. Even Jesus paid taxes. Of course, he got his money for taxes out of the mouth of a fish! (Even I could get in…

Release the hounds

This is what I see every day when Carlos feeds the dogs . . .

And this is what happens if you leave food unattended in our house . . .

I've yet to catch Peachy balancing precariously trying to get some goodies out of the trash can, but I'll keep trying. She's sneakier than Roxy!

The Gospels

So after a challenge from Pastor Jim to read through the entire New Testament this week, I have just finished reading through the Gospels. Reading all four books in succession really was an interesting venture. I realized that I don't understand a lot of the Gospels, even after 30 years of reading them and hearing them preached. I don't understand what made Jesus so revolutionary - why did people want to kill him? I mean, I understand that the Pharisees were upset that Jesus claimed to be God, but weren't they waiting and watching for the Messiah? We envision Jesus to be such a "nice guy," but no one plots to kill a nice guy.

After hearing Ray Vander Laan speak, I realize that my lack of understanding may come from the fact that I simply don't understand the cultural world of the Gospels. Trying to understand Jesus from an American perspective just isn't very effective. After I complete this task of reading the New Testament, I am going to read th…

My babies

These are our babies:

Seriously . . . we take more pictures of them than people probably take of their kids. And all they do is sleep really! But they are so CUTE when they sleep! I have taken over 40 pictures of them this month. I probably have over a thousand pictures of them total -- all neatly stored on my computer.

Roxy, my spoiled baby. . . I've had her since she was a puppy and I have spoiled her rotten. She even sleeps with me under the covers at night. It's sad really, but I love her so much!

Peachy, my rescue beagle. I believe she may have been a hunting dog that was abandoned because she wasn't too bright. But she is so lovable and must more easygoing than Roxy. She is devoted to Carlos, but will cuddle with me if he's not available.

A new discipline

So I have been hesitant to "announce" this plan of mine, for fear that I won't have the discipline it takes to follow through. But accountability is always a good thing, and I'm not gonna win a prize either way, so here goes. :)

I have decided to try not to buy any NEW clothes this year. I know we are only in March, but so far, so good. The only exception (hopefully obviously) is underclothes and shoes. I'm not doing this for any grand reason except that I have plenty of clothes (2 closets full) and I don't need to spend the money on new ones. Goodwill/consignment stores/etc. help fill that need for something "new" in my wardrobe, and I'm continually paring down my closet with donations to Goodwill of clothes I no longer wear. I'm hoping by the end of the year, my closet will contain only the clothes I really love and wear, and then I'll be able to take inventory of the plan for 2011.

Being able to buy shoes is my saving grace. I…

What is a 21st century education?

So on facebook this week, the White House asked, “What does a 21st education mean to you?” They are going to post some of the responses on the White House blog. I responded,

A 21st Century education means that we look forward and create new ideas using new technologies rather than teaching the same way we have been teaching for the last 100 years. It means more than replacing the chalkboard with an interactive white board; it will take an entire shift of focus away from the 3 R's of Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic and put that focus on a more holistic approach that educates the whole child and also makes sense in light of our global economy and world.
I really do think that the education system needs to be completely revamped in order to help students be successful in the 21st century, particularly at the high school level. Instead of focusing on the “3 R’s” of Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic, we need to reassess our focus in light of our current world. First of all, I think…

An ADD Devotional Life

So I have a confession . . . when it comes to my "quiet time" or "devotions" or whatever you want to call it, I have a serious case of ADD. I just can't focus on one thing. This has caused me in the past year to start (and not finish) the following things: Read through the Bible chronologically (I am on Exodus 36), write out a chapter of Psalms each day (I am on Psalm 18), and read through the first five books of the Old Testament (sounds like a repeat of the chronological thing - and I'm on Genesis 17 or something). It's not that I don't want to spend time in God's Word - it is just that the same thing every day bores me. God's Word doesn't bore me, but a PLAN bores me.

So at this point, I find I have at least 3 plans to choose from on a daily basis, and I'm adding a new one . . . I'm reading the book Giving: Unlocking the Heart of Good Stewardship by John Ortberg which is a book/Bible study combination.

Having said all t…